Make Electricity at Home

Make Electricity at Home

Do you want to know how to make electricity at home?

Due to tremendous improvements in green energy technology over recent years every one of us can now generate some energy at home.

There are a number of different ways in which it is possible to make electricity at home.

Most people make electricity at home either from solar or from wind energy.

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Solar energy can be used in more than just one way. Solar cells generate electricity based on the photovoltaic effect. You have to connect 36 of these cells in series to be able to make electricity at home. To prevent the solar cells from breakage, moisture etc they are being placed inside a box (panel). Once the solar panels are ready they can be fixed to any part of the house as long as the can receive sunlight.

As with the right set of instructions building solar panels is so easy and straight forward I recommend you buy yourself a good How-to guide and some solar cells and build the solar panels yourself. That way you will not only learn something but also save a small fortune along the way.

Wind turbines enable us to use wind energy to make electricity at home. Wind turbines generate electricity based on the rotary movement of the blades which is transferred to a generator inside the turbine.

If you want to save money just buy yourself a good set of instructions and build your own wind turbine yourself.

As you probably already know, experts agree that solar panels and wind turbines can easily be build at home. There is, however, an academic discussion going on about the amount of energy a single household can produce at home. This question cannot be answered with a single Yes or No. The availability of natural resources such as wind and solar energy obviously play a determinant role in this context.

Despite of all the skepticism, in countries such as Japan and Germany this idea is already a reality. Private households make electricity at home which they can then sell back to the utility companies. German power companies are forced by law to let private households feed energy back into the grid. The prices the power companies have to pay to the households are also fixed by the government.

It is extremely expensive to buy a ready-made solar system for your home. The objective to replace a larger percentage of your energy needs with homemade electricity should be looked at as a mid to long-term goal. If you convert your home in smaller steps the whole process will become much easier and more manageable.

If your goal is to make electricity at home it is only sensible to start with a small manageable project first.

Why not start by building your initial solar panel or wind turbine yourself. That way you will certainly gain valuable experience.
By building your first wind turbine or solar panel yourself you will gain a level of expertise that you could not gain in any other way. In addition to being able to make electricity at home you will be able to assess your specific electricity requirements and the best way for you to meet them.
Only when you know all those details can you really make a sound and informed decision regarding the future expansion of your energy system.

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